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5 NUTRITION TIPS TO BOOST YOUR RUNNING PERFORMANCE - Introduction Hi there, my name is Callum Edwards (BSc, MSc, SENr) and I am the Founder & Director of I, IGOR, a nutrition company which specialises in nutrition plans for runners. Secondly, I am the Performance Nutritionist at Blackburn Rovers… Continue Reading
Training for the Marathon des Sables - Blog one - Gemma Morris In August 2018 I decided that I was going to sign up to the 35th Marathon Des Sables, known as the toughest footrace on Earth. I tried to persuade many people into doing this with… Continue Reading
Proviz Reflect 360 Men’s Running Jacket and Backpack Review - Proviz 360 Men's Running Jacket I have been intrigued with this brand for some time now. I have seen many ads on social media and a fair few people out and about in the gear. You can’t help but notice… Continue Reading
Cool Running: The Running Bible Guide to Winter Survival - As the summer days draw to a close and the coming of the winter season is on the horizon it can be difficult to stay motivated. We swap our early morning run for an extra 30 minutes in bed, but… Continue Reading