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Member Spotlight – October 2021 - Andrea Mitchell Profile Why did you start running? I started running at school at around age 12 because basically I was rubbish at any contact sports or anything that required hand/eye coordination which tends to rule out most things! I… Continue Reading
Member Spotlight – September 2021 - Alum Ullah Profile Why did you start running? I wanted to get fit again and realised that I was becoming overweight, inactive, and nearly 40 years old. I also wanted to be able to stay active whilst my young daughters… Continue Reading
Member Spotlight – August 2021 - CHRIS EDWARDS Why did you start running? I wasn’t in a good place mentally or physically and needed to take back control. So, I joined a gym, quit smoking, stopped dabbling in substances and lost weight. I started running on… Continue Reading
Member Spotlight – July 2021 - Each month we will be selecting a Community member to shine the spotlight on. This month we have selected Melanie Whitton. Mel has been a member of our community since 2018. In that time she has provided humour, support, entertainment, memes and… Continue Reading
Member Spotlight – June 2021 - Each month we will be selecting a Community member to shine the spotlight on. This month we have selected Mark Hyham. Many of you will be familiar with Mark's running posts, but what you may not see is the amount… Continue Reading
Proviz Classic Waterproof Running Jacket - Available from for £84.99. Reviewed item – Black jacket, size L. Before I begin the review, Proviz have very kindly offered all Running Bible Community members a 20% discount off their products. All you need to do is to… Continue Reading
Saucony Endorphin Speed Review - Technical Specs: Website: Price: £155 Weight: Men – 221g Women – 192g                      Offset: 8mm (35.5mm / 27.5MM)                             Cushioning: PWRRUN PB                                               Our first venture into shoe reviews kicks off with the Endorphin Speed from Saucony. I received a… Continue Reading
2020 – The Year I Ran 2020 Streets of York - It is perhaps an understatement to say that 2020 has been a very challenging and draining year for all of us. As one of my favourite broadcasters says of COVID-19 - ‘we are all in the same storm, but all… Continue Reading
Winter Running – The Chill Factor - It’s the most wonderful time of the year! If you’re a cold weather runner like me, you will be relieved to see the back of those hot, humid summer days as we transition to the cooler temperatures. Autumn is well… Continue Reading
Harrier UK Gear Review - I have been hearing good things about Harrier for a little while so decided to treat myself to a selection of trail running goodies and do a quick review! Harrier are a new UK company, based in the Peak District,… Continue Reading