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Saucony Endorphin Speed Review - Technical Specs: Website: Price: £155 Weight: Men – 221g Women – 192g                      Offset: 8mm (35.5mm / 27.5MM)                             Cushioning: PWRRUN PB                                               Our first venture into shoe reviews kicks off with the Endorphin Speed from Saucony. I received a… Continue Reading
2020 – The Year I Ran 2020 Streets of York - It is perhaps an understatement to say that 2020 has been a very challenging and draining year for all of us. As one of my favourite broadcasters says of COVID-19 - ‘we are all in the same storm, but all… Continue Reading
Winter Running – The Chill Factor - It’s the most wonderful time of the year! If you’re a cold weather runner like me, you will be relieved to see the back of those hot, humid summer days as we transition to the cooler temperatures. Autumn is well… Continue Reading
Harrier UK Gear Review - I have been hearing good things about Harrier for a little while so decided to treat myself to a selection of trail running goodies and do a quick review! Harrier are a new UK company, based in the Peak District,… Continue Reading
Proviz REFLECT360 Explorer Jacket Review - Proviz REFLECT360  Men’s Explorer Running Jacket Review You may remember that last year Proviz kindly supplied me with their brilliant REFLECT360 jacket and the REFLECT360 running backpack. I was very impressed with just how comfortable and bright these garments were… Continue Reading
Discipline vs Motivation - Let’s face it. The nightmare year that is 2020, has taken a huge toll on many of us in different ways. With health and financial concerns, being isolated from family and friends, and race cancellations, it can be easy to… Continue Reading
My First Trail Run - I’d been running regularly for a couple of years when I decided to enter a trail run for the first time.  I’d completed a few road half marathons.  I know that a trail run would use more energy, so decided… Continue Reading
Streets of York - What I Learnt from Running 1,000 Streets During Lockdown Author: Dave Lingwood Only the most stubborn of runners would deny that COVID-19 has not affected their running, and with it, their motivation, mental health and confidence. In June 2020 –… Continue Reading
Dealing with a DNF - Did not finish. Three words we runners don’t want to hear. It’s certainly not something I thought would happen to me. I experienced my first DNF last year and was not prepared for the emotional rollercoaster that would follow. Despite… Continue Reading
Why You Should Run Your First Ultra - When I first heard about ultra races, I had no intention of going anywhere near them! The idea of running 30, 50, 100 miles or more sounded completely insane and I assumed you’d need to be some kind of elite… Continue Reading