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Christmas Raffle Winners

Good morning all.

It has been brought to our attention that our system has decided to do its own draw and send all raffle participants an email saying congratulations or bad luck.

I can only apologise on behalf of the team for this. It seems that the new raffle programme used has had a glitch somewhere down the line and when the countdown clock hit 0, it auto generated the numbers and emailed everyone. This is not how the raffle was supposed to be drawn.

As advertised, the draw was to be live on Facebook, which happened around 930pm last night. The video is still on the Facebook wall if you’d like to view it.

The correct list is that which was drawn live. For the sake of clarity, I have included it below.

Raffle winners

1. SIS Gels – 12 Hannah Ashwell
2. New Year Virtual Run Entry – 159 Rob Parker
3. Winter Headband – 77 Andy Hughes
4. Beanie – 61 John Merrick
5. Vest – 151 Donna Elliott
6. T Shirt – 232 Sarah Gore
7. Tech Hoodie 127 Paul Greensitt
8. Cotton Hoodie – 46 Hillary Sturgeon
9. Jacket – 21 Helen Wilkes
10. Runderwear – 224 Andrew Fagen
11. Socks – 204 Jennifer Crowe
12. Gloves – 52 Rob Higgin
13. Erdinger Case – 300 Harry Ellis
14. Petzel Headtorch – 181 Sara Atkin
15. AfterShokz – 57 Kiersty Rose
16. White Star Running Entries – 11 Hannah Ashwell
17. Garmin 245 – 154 Sarah Tribe

I am really sorry that this has happened following what seemed like a seamless raffle. I am looking into what happened.

I will be in touch with all of the above winners in the next day or two.

A huge thank you for getting involved, together we raised a huge amount for charity off of the draw. I’ll publish the figure when I have purchased the remainder of the prizes.

Kind regards


The Running Bible