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Harrier UK Gear Review

I have been hearing good things about Harrier for a little while so decided to treat myself to a selection of trail running goodies and do a quick review!

Harrier are a new UK company, based in the Peak District, who sell a range of trail running essentials at great prices. I have no connection at all with the company, but I always like to support smaller companies when I can. Every time I heard or saw anything about Harrier, I was struck by how much thought has gone into everything, you really can tell everything is designed by runners who have plenty of experience.

I ordered a hydration vest, as well as various smaller items, all reviewed below. I have included the current individual prices but it’s worth mentioning that they sell a lot of these in different bundles, which can save you a lot if you need a few different things. If you’re just starting trail running, this would be a great way to stock up on pretty much everything you’ll need. If you already have a lot of gear, the individual prices are still great value, especially compared to the bigger companies.

One item I still have my eye on is the carbon poles, they look great but at the moment, I don’t know how to actually run with poles so that’s one for the future!

Kinder 10L Race Vest £59

Harrier sell 2 vests, the other is the Curbar 5L vest (£54). Both are identical on the front so have all the same pockets and features, the only difference is the size of the large back pocket. I went for the larger option as I would personally always rather have a little extra room.

My favourite thing is the many, many pockets! I am a bit obsessed with having lots of pockets and these are the dream vests for me, there are pockets everywhere! The fabric is nice and stretchy so you can fit lots in too. There are various pockets on the front and also a good size waterproof zipped pocket for phones. My phone doesn’t fit in there when I have a bulky case on it but fits fine without the case. I think it would also fit with a slimmer case too.

There are 2 stretchy zipped pockets which go round the side, I like these a lot as they are huge and you can reach them without taking the vest off.

There is plenty of space on the back compartment and it is split into 2 sections so you can carry a bladder too. This is something I haven’t tried as I prefer having flasks on the front.

There is space for 2 flasks up to 500ml on the front. My old Ultimate Direction flasks fitted fine but I did find that the Harrier flasks seem easier to actually put into the pockets as they are a slightly different shape. There are little elastic loops to stop the bottles sliding down into the pockets which is handy.

The vest is incredibly comfortable, I pretty much forget I’m wearing it which is what I want from a vest. On a hot day, it might be quite warm to wear, it’s a different style to my previous running packs which don’t have much fabric at all on the sides, whereas this has the big pockets. I would maybe use a different vest on a very hot day but this is fine in most weather and the pockets are so useful that I don’t mind feeling a little warmer.

The vest is incredibly well thought out, there are loads of great little touches that other vests are missing. A little whistle is attached which tucks easily inside a pocket. 2 of the front pockets have rubber strips inside which stop things like maps from sliding out. There are 3 different ways to carry poles (I haven’t tested these) and clips on the front to attach a race number.

I have only worn this a few times so may find other features or issues as I go but at the moment, I am very happy. Personally, I would like the option of a brighter colour, I think other colours are planned for the future but this was delayed due to Covid. I love being able to easily reach so many pockets and carry so many snacks! This is a great vest and brilliant value compared to the bigger brands. All the extra little details really make the difference, I can’t recommend this vest enough!

Hot Cup £9

This is the one thing I will be using all the time, not just when running. It’s a collapsible cup for hot drinks, which would be lovely to have with you on a cold overnight race.

When its fully compressed, it’s really lightweight and easily fits inside a pack. There is a knack to collapsing it completely and I found it easier to do by taking the lid off first.

It also has a carabiner clip so you can clip it onto a pack or vest. I was impressed that it has 2 different sizes when extended too and will hold up to 550ml. It wouldn’t keep a drink hot for hours, I took it out walking and my coffee was cold within an hour, but I can’t imagine a running situation where I would want to carry a hot drink for long anyway.  It would be fine to keep a coffee or tea warm for 20/30 minutes while you warm up, then packs nicely away.

First Aid Kit £9

Having recently had a long run completely ruined by blisters, I was determined to get a decent first aid kit to carry with me! This is very compact but has plenty in it. Its waterproof and only weighs 57g. It contains various bandages, different plasters, tape, gauze, alcohol wipes etc. I added in a few extra items I like to carry and it all fits into a neat and easily accessible bag.

It’s something that is usually on mandatory kit lists in long races so is always handy, even if you hope you never need to use it!

Emergency Survival Bag £8

Another one you hope to never use but again, it’s definitely handy to have on long runs in bad weather and is often on race kit lists.

It is very lightweight and comes in a tough little water resistant bag. I am very keen on the attached whistle and the pack even has emergency information printed on it.

(The first aid kit and survival bag are available as part of the Safety Bundle for £15. It also comes with a tube Scarf).

500ml Soft Flask £9

Flasks are one of those things that tend to be strangely pricey so these are really good value. They come in loads of different colours and you can buy the longer individual straws to use with them if you prefer. They also come in 300ml sizes.

There isn’t a huge amount to say about them but they do exactly what you want, they don’t leak and are easy to use. They have nice wide necks so would be easy to fill mid race. One extra thing I did appreciate is that all flasks and bladders are sent with steriliser tablets, it’s this kind of little thing that I really like and reminds you that everything has been designed by people who know what they are doing.

Dry Bag £6 & Waterproof Phone Cover £4

Both of these are handy to have items that I won’t necessarily use often but will really appreciate sometimes! The prices on these are great, I actually bought a virtually identical phone case for a hiking friend last year from a high street store and it was about 4 times more expensive! I got the 2L dry bag which will come in handy in wet weather, so will be useful for most of the year in the UK!

Overall, I have had a great experience with Harrier. I’ve ordered twice (because I’m an idiot and ordered the vest by itself, then decided I wanted to try loads of other things too!) and the shipping has been really fast both times. I love the amount of thought that has gone into everything, especially the vests, you can really tell actual runners have designed them. They have a 1 year guarantee on the vests and also use a company in Cornwall for any repairs and servicing which is great for reducing waste. I love being able to support smaller companies, especially when they have made so much effort to think of every little thing. They will definitely be my go to for general running gear now, for a start I need the flasks in every colour of the rainbow! 

Reviewer – Lucy Fry

NB All gear was purchased by Lucy and this has been a personal review and there was no outside influence.