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Member Spotlight – September 2021

Alum Ullah Profile

Why did you start running?

I wanted to get fit again and realised that I was becoming overweight, inactive, and nearly 40 years old. I also wanted to be able to stay active whilst my young daughters grew up.

What/who motivates you to run?

I always set myself goals but seeing posts on the running group really inspires me when I lose my mojo.

What is a typical training week?

Right now, I am running around 20 miles per week and planning to increase mileage over next few weeks. Currently doing 3-5 runs a week with a Sunday long run and one fast/threshold run thrown in.

Favourite session?

Long run. Nice and slow 🙂

Least favourite session?

Anything with speed…despite me being a sprinter in my youth.

Road or trail?

Trail when I can.

Top 5 songs on your running playlist

I don’t always run with music but my top 5 tunes at the moment are:

1. Believer – Imagine Dragons 

2. Feeling Good – Muse

3. Sabotage – Beastie Boys 

4. Remember The Name – Fort Minor 

5. Killing In The Name Of – Rage Against The Machine

Do you run alone or with a group?

Alone and mostly at night, lol

What other training do you do?

Just exercising and stretches.

What is your greatest running achievement so far?

Running a few half marathons and 15 miles longest running distance, to date. I had never run further than 10k until I joined the group. 🙂

What was your last race?

Aintree 5k to support my sister on her first 5k.

What are your future running goals?

Run a marathon, maybe an ultra. Help others run their distances and achieve their goals.

What’s on your bucket list?

London marathon 🙂

What advice would you give someone who is just starting to run?

Enjoy it. Run at your pace and forget times and distance. Speed will come in time. Don’t compare yourselves to others and take small steps each day to reach your goals. Don’t give up as there are plenty of people who want you to succeed, including the people in this group 🙂 

Don’t ever be embarrassed about your times and slower runs. They are yours and you should be proud as every step counts. 🙂 It’s your journey.

What do you like to do when you’re not running?

Spend time with my family and play crown green bowls. I also play my guitar when I can. I’m all rock and roll! ha ha

What would you name the autobiography of your running life?

Me, Myself, and Ice Cream.