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Proviz Classic Waterproof Running Jacket

Available from for £84.99.

Reviewed item – Black jacket, size L.

Before I begin the review, Proviz have very kindly offered all Running Bible Community members a 20% discount off their products. All you need to do is to enter the code ‘RUNNINGBIBLE20’ at the checkout.


We at The Running Bible are big fans of the Proviz range. This is the third jacket we have reviewed for them, and we have been very impressed with each of them. So, naturally, we were happy to review the Classic jacket. The quality of the Proviz range, combined with the fantastic reflectivity, make them the market leaders for reflective running and cycling jackets.

So, how does their waterproof Classic range fare up?


Living in the UK, we’re no strangers to rain. It is inevitable, even in the middle of the summer. So, if you are a regular runner, a waterproof jacket is likely to be something you will have considered at some point.

The jacket which has been supplied for testing is the ‘Classic Men’s waterproof Running Jacket’ in black. “Why would you choose a black Proviz jacket? Surely the point is to be seen?”, I hear you cry. Well, the jacket still has lots of reflective strips, so it doesn’t matter which colour you go for. You’ll be visible from quite a distance away too. They have a great range of colours (red, blue, yellow, orange, green and black in men’s and black, blue, orange, pink, purple, red, sky blue and yellow in women’s), so you are not limited on choice.

Proviz have also developed this jacket with four-way stretch material, which not only makes it comfortable to wear, but makes it waterproof, windproof and breathable.

It is not easy to find a good quality breathable waterproof jacket, on the basis that if you begin including ventilated panels you will compromise its ability to provide protection from the rain. Proviz have developed the Classic Jacket with a breathability rating of 20,000+gm/24hr, and a waterproof rating of 20,000mm.

The jacket also features a waterproof hood, and two pockets which include waterproof zips.

First impressions:

The jacket is lightweight and comfortable. It fits very well and feels great. I wear a size large, and I am 6.1ft and 94kg.

You can immediately see multiple strips of the award winning Proviz reflect technology in several areas of the jacket which provide added safety when running at night. The zips open and close smoothly, without catching, and the pockets are of a decent size.

Unfortunately, when I received the jacket, we were presented with somewhat uncharacteristic weather for February and March, so I wasn’t able to test it properly for a few weeks.

As many of you know, I am also recovering from surgery on my medial meniscus, so I am unable to do much running at the moment. That said, I did manage to get out for a few walks during the wetter days. It was too early in my recovery to run at that point.

Heavy Rain

After several weeks of enjoying a bit of sunshine, the storms hit. I was about to sit down at my desk and get an early start on my work, when all of a sudden it became very dark outside. I quickly got changed into a pair of trackies, a grey cotton t-shirt (so that I could easily see any water spots after removing the jacket), the Proviz Classic jacket and a cap to keep the rain out of my eyes. I then set off for a walk in the rain.

Oh, did the skies ever open! Before I’d even reached the end of my street my trackies were stuck to my legs, my shoes were squelching and my hands were freezing! I should have put on some gloves!!! Due to the lack of warmer clothing I decided to just have a short walk around the block (around 1 mile).

When I got home, I took the hood down, removed my cap to reveal one bone dry lockdown mop. My cap was only showing wet patches where it was exposed to the elements.

I removed the rest of the jacket and carefully examined my t-shirt. Not a single drop of water had reached my head, arms and torso. However, anything which wasn’t covered by the jacket was absolutely saturated. So, the jacket held up well. Very well in fact.

I was so impressed that I decided to up the ante and tried it in the shower. Yes, I literally took a shower in the jacket. I sat in there for a good minute or so. Again, not a single drop reached the t-shirt!

As you can see, the water beads on the jacket and then repels them off, much like when you apply wax to your car.

A huge thumbs up when it comes to water resistance.


I haven’t managed to run much in the jacket yet, however on my walks I was comfortable enough. I imagine it may warm up a little on a long run on a day with fluctuating weather, but it is to be expected with any jacket, you will sweat regardless. The main point of this jacket is to keep you protected from the elements and it did that very well!

One thing I did notice was the absence of some drawstrings to tighten the hood. I actually didn’t have any problems in the storm I went out in, the hood stayed exactly where it should have, but the ability to tighten a hood is always handy in a jacket.


It wouldn’t be a Proviz review if I didn’t mention the reflective strips. As you can see there are plenty are areas of the jacket which have the reflective material, both front, back and on the arms.

These all provide fantastic results when they are hit by a light source. You will be seen from the front or the back. I am always amazed at just how good the Proviz strips are. You are fully aware when running that you are lit up like a beacon to any approaching vehicle that has their lights on.


Well, Proviz have another winner here. It is a fantastic jacket that I would recommend to anyone. It is also very fairly priced considering the market for these (even cheaper with the 20% discount), and with the added benefit of the Reflect technology, this may well be the jacket for you. It will certainly be the jacket I reach for whenever there is bad weather forecast.


Author – Rob Beazley

Disclaimer – Whilst the jacket has been provided to The Running Bible free of charge, the review and opinions about are that of our own. We have not been influenced in our review of the product.