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Member Spotlight – June 2021

Each month we will be selecting a Community member to shine the spotlight on. This month we have selected Mark Hyham.

Many of you will be familiar with Mark’s running posts, but what you may not see is the amount he puts back into the community. From his karaoke videos (we are hoping for a special song to celebrate this win) to his supportive comments on so many posts, we’d just like to say thank you for your contributions. The Community is a better place with you in it.

A Running Bible T-Shirt will be sent to you shortly.

Why did you start running? Beaten by football injuries, my knee required a replacement joint and my other a joint realignment, but my love for being active and outdoors gave me motivation to participate and achieve in a non contact sporting activity.

What/who motivates you to run? Self motivation to improve and succeed.

What is a typical training week? Currently on day 106 of an ongoing running streak, prior to this 3-4 times per week covering an average of 50-60 KM.

Favourite session? After each event with a few cold ones

Least favourite session? When the cold ones run dry

Road or trail? Mainly road.

Top 5 songs on your running playlist? Birds singing, dogs barking, bicycle bells, waves crashing, peace and quiet. Never run with music.

Do you run alone or with a group? I run alone mainly but also with a good running buddy on occasions.

What other training do you do? 30-40 press ups after each run.

What is your greatest running achievement so far? Running my first ever half marathon in my home town of Folkestone in under 2 hours.

What was your last race? Saxon Shore Half Marathon 13/6/2021.

What are your future running goals? To book and run my first Marathon.

What races are on your bucket list? To run the London Marathon and/or The Beachy Head Marathon.

What advice would you give someone who is just starting to run? Don’t put it off until tomorrow & every run done is a good run.

What do you like to do when you’re not running? I enjoy a good coffee shop and a nice slice of carrot cake.

What would you name the autobiography of your running life? There is never a finish line