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Saucony Endorphin Speed Review

Technical Specs:


Price: £155

Weight: Men – 221g Women – 192g                     

Offset: 8mm (35.5mm / 27.5MM)                            

Cushioning: PWRRUN PB                                              

Our first venture into shoe reviews kicks off with the Endorphin Speed from Saucony. I received a shout from Rob, do I want to do some shoe reviews? I love new shoes so much, instantly the answer was yes. But what shoes to review? Well, that was left to the Running Bible Community, you guys voted and I got to pick a pair from the top five.

When the shoes arrived at The Running Bible HQ it didn’t take me long to go and collect them. Back home and out of the box I’m looking at these shoes, and I’m thinking they don’t look very nice. Coming from a long list of absolutely beautiful Nike running shoes in a million colourways, I couldn’t help but be disappointed by the way they looked. I tend to go for a more subtle colourway, so the bright highlights did nothing for me. I know it’s subjective, but if I hadn’t been reviewing them, I know for sure I wouldn’t buy them as a result. Only one other colourway exists, and I couldn’t find them for sale anywhere.

First impressions over, little bit of disappointment put behind me, and without hesitation they’re on my feet. Instantly they feel comfortable. The ‘FORMFIT’ upper is a breathable engineered mesh with a 3D printed structure where it’s needed most. Through the long runs they were very comfortable on my feet. The lacing system was robust and felt great. They are padded in the tongue and collar and I didn’t find my feet getting hot at all. It really felt like I’d added another comfy pair of socks. I take an 8.5 and wore an 8.5, and the fit was perfect.

The midsole is manufactured from a new and ultra-light PeBa based ‘PWRRUN PB’ cushioning. This is an EVA based cushioning that Saucony produce in pellet form and then bond it together with steam and pressure. They state in their literature that, “it takes energy efficiency to new heights. The reduction in fatigue means running at top speed feels easier, so you get to the finish line faster”. I weighed the shoe and it came in at 232g. Saucony’s literature states that the shoe weighs in at 221g, but it doesn’t state which size. Either way, this is still a lightweight shoe.

Size: Mens 8.5

The literature goes onto talk about their ‘Speedroll’, “an always forward geometry, a propulsive ride that’s unique to Saucony – feeling instantly responsive and natural at the same time”. These are quite the statements from Saucony. Running in these felt so natural, like I had been wearing them for the last ten years. On my speed sessions they were fast, not snappy like a carbon shoe would be, and this is a result of being creative with materials. Carbon fibre plates are the talk of the running community, and these exist in the pricier Endorphin Pro. What we have here is a nylon plate which is much more forgiving than the carbon equivalent, but it’s still quick. That nylon plate helped me retain my form, even when my legs became tired.

The outsole rubber is actually really robust for a lightweight runner. In 50 miles the shoe looks brand new. The grip was excellent and never felt like I would slip, even during my hard interval sessions where I was running well beyond my average pace. When the temperature dropped or the wetter weather came I still had the confidence under foot to keep on pushing. It really feels like the outsole would outlast the midsole, and that’s unusual for something targeted with speed in mind.

I ran over 50 miles in these. I covered everything from intervals through to the long slow runs. When I was thinking about how I sum these shoes up, how do I convey my feelings for these shoes, so everyone gets the message? Well, you’ve heard the expression, “Jack of all trades, master of none”? It’s a somewhat similar story, but they’re a master of quite a lot. I’d happily lace up to log the training miles and I’d happily lace up on the start line of a 10k, half marathon or even the whole 26 miles. They’re genuinely fast and keep you fast, even when you’re tired. They are comfortable way beyond expectations. They felt so good to run in and they helped me progress as a runner, injury free, pain free, no blisters, niggles or anything negative. If someone said to me, “Have you seen these Saucony’s? They’re decent, you should try them”, I’d take one look and walk straight past, and that makes me want to look at myself because I would have missed out on a great pair of shoes. I do wish that there was a wider choice of colourways available.

My biggest complaint, when running in these it is hard to run slow. They egg you on and I had to constantly check in with myself to make sure I was hitting my target pace.

So, there is the conclusion. The summary of the last few weeks of running. I truly found an outstanding pair of running shoes that can do it all, which help make me be a better runner and, best of all, didn’t break me.

Comfort: 9/10

Speed: 8/10

Durability: 8/10

Versatility: 8/10

Looks: 6/10

Overall: 7.8/10

Reviewer: James Petty

Disclaimer: These shoes were purchased at full price with our own money, we have no agreements or obligations with any manufacturer which means that all opinions are our own.